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Thanks for somehow stumbling on this page, glad you're here. There’s a lot to explore on my site but feel free to start with what you’re most interested in learning, building or seeing.


Product Management Work

This is what I do full-time. It’s my career. I’ve been in the PM space for 4 years officially and non-officially through different side projects, jobs and collaboration with other PMs. I’m always keen on talking about the PM field, so reach out!

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Remote Consulting

Remote work is trending. Throughout my years in remote work and working with distributed teams of all shapes, sizes and ages I’ve gathered learnings, challenges and pitfalls of building and maintaining teams as well as breaking into the remote work space.

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Weekly WFH Letters

I write, usually on Sundays, about remote work. Follow my newsletter to receive tips, insights and updates.

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My mission

Help and support minorities in tech and create a space for remote work to thrive for years to come by providing resources and support to people to manage and create healthy teams.


Currently working on an email course with 5 ways to break into remote work.

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