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starting a podcast for beginners

starting a podcast for beginners

Podcasts - Why?

Everyday there’s a new podcast being created, a new episode being recorded or research being done on what topics to discuss! Podcasts have become a go-to to pass the time or learn/hear people’s story. There are days where you just want to hear a really awesome and captivating discussion on a topic you love!

I will say that there are a ton of podcasts out there to choose from. But I believe it’s a unique source of getting information to an audience. It’s easy to tune into during a car ride, at work or just when you’re lounging around. I thought long and hard, “Do I want to start my own podcast?”.

I was very hesitant since iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud all are over saturated with podcasts. But for me this another opportunity to expose and build a brand. I want to motivate people and I want to hear others stories. Bring these two together in a podcast show and there I have the chance to elevate listeners to achieve their goals. So let’s talk about the first phase of this journey!

Doing The Research

I started with - “What problem am I trying to solve with this podcast?” For me I want to push and flick the switch in people to go after what they want. To take that risk and complete that goal to move onto the next one.

The word “Elevated” speaks to me a whole ton. It encapsulates both the action of maximizing my skills and hitting as many milestones as I want. It keeps me grinding. It keeps me on my toes.

I wanted to share that with friends, family, complete strangers. So I came arrived at “TheElevatedPodcast” for the name of the series.

Setting Up Your First Recording

So next part is you need content, right? You want to create some episodes. That’ll come in a second blog post. For now, I’ll get into the nitty gritty of recording a trailer episode, uploading to SoundCloud, getting artwork and sending over to iTunes for approval.

You can find the items in the list below here -

Recording Setup:

  • Any computer that can run a memory intensive program:

    • Mac OS X or Windows XP or greater will suffice

  • A mono microphone, these two I’ve used and recommend to start:

    • Blue Snowball

    • Blue Yeti

  • A pop filter to mute any pop or p sounds

    • Neewer Pop Filter

  • Audacity (free) to record/edit audio

You don’t have to use Audacity, if you have a Mac you can utilize Garageband or Quicktime Player to record. And on Windows you can download Audition to edit your audio as well.

Once you have all or some of the above acquired, you’re ready for that first recording!

All Done With Trailer Episode, Now What?

Once you have that first episode complete and edited, it’s time to get it online!

I recommend using Soundcloud or Anchor to upload your content. You’ll need to have the episode hosted somewhere. That allows us to develop an RSS Feed link that iTunes uses to grab and show your new episodes and any other podcast info.

After creating a Soundcloud or Anchor account, you can being to upload that first episode. On Soundcloud, you’ll want to hit that “Upload” button in the nav bar.

Have on the ready, an album artwork image 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels, an episode title and a description to make this process smooth. When all done, you’ll click “Save” and Soundcloud will upload your track.

The link to your upload track will look like this -

So it’s important that your Soundcloud profile name is your podcast episode or your name to increase an SEO or tracking you have running in the background. Next up is getting our podcast and episdoe on iTunes.

There are solid instructions on the steps to get setup on iTunes right here:

You’ll want to have an Apple ID account, grab the link to your Soundcloud RSS feed in the content settings, place that into the RSS field after you login to iTunes Connect and lastly hit ‘Validate’.

And then we wait ;) Apple will approve or not depending if you met the criteria and you’ll be all set!

What’s the Status of my First Episode?

Well, I am having issues with the artwork image, seems to not meet the required size. I’ll keep on troubleshooting tonight and hopefully solve to submit!

Next Blog Post

First stab at a podcast and it’s been a challenge thus far. It will get even more interesting as I reach out to guests, get a process going for recording our conversation and getting all content edited and uploaded weekly!

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