using OneMonth to learn javascript basics

What is One Month?

One Month is an online tool you could start using TODAY to learn coding online. They offer a variety of online courses from Python to JavaScript as well as taking you back to basics with HTML and CSS. If you’re not ready to dedicate 30 days - you can check out their membership options where you’ll have access to all courses and take it day by day from there. You can sign up and take a look at their options here:

I found One Month at a time where I was struggling to keep steady with my JS studying and practice. The teacher for the JS course is Chris Castiglione, he’s also the Co-Founder of One Month and was previously teaching at General Assembly. I’ll write a little about his teaching style down below.

The one month course is 4 weeks long, with 4 projects due at the end of each week. Leading up the project each week, Chris builds up your skills and understanding of the concepts for that week, which will in turn help you put together that project.

One thing to note, included with the membership you get access to the One Month community Slack organization. You’ll be able to take advantage of the instructor as well as TA’s and ask for help at anytime if you hit a road block or would like feedback.

My First Week

So I definitely made use of that Slack group. The TA’s are for the most part around for answering questions. I believe I read that they log on about twice a day to see if there are any pending questions. The cool thing is that you’re not the only one who has had a question about creating a function or using a variable. So I recommend reading past messages in the channel to wrap your head around what you’re struggling with first and of course use Stack Overflow!

Link to sign up - Get 10% off any course or monthly membership by using this link —>

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