Remote Consulting


What type of consulting do I do?

I started TechBizDesign as a way to support Tech, Biz, Design startups and teams with a strategy and plan to building and maintaining healthy remote and distributed teams globally. If you’re a manager managing millennials, I can help. If you’re a founder managing distributed employees, I can help.

I also offer 1:1 to help folks land remote jobs and break into remote work.

A lot comes with working remote and managing a distributed team, from developing and structuring on-boarding, to choosing the right communication tools and most importantly creating an environment that creates community. Let me help you set the foundation from zero.

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Remote consulting for remote job seekers or solo remote workers start free for the first planning session.

How I can help? — 

  • We work together for 3 months with 30 min weekly calls

  • Evaluate your experience, skill set and online brand

  • Narrow down on the “type” of role you should be be looking for

  • Are you a fit for remote work? Is it something you’d be happy doing?

  • Red flags when applying to remote jobs

  • Where to find legit remote jobs in the US and internationally

  • Ways to build your remote work experience EARLY

  • 1:1 prep to help you find and be successful in a remote role

Remote consulting for leaders, hiring managers, and founders of remote teams start at $34/hr.

How I can help? — 

  • We work together for 3 months with 45 min weekly calls

  • Documentation for on-boarding remote employees

  • Using a “buddy system” for on-boarding and culture building

  • Ways to build a distributed team from the ground up

  • Managing distributed teams whether full-time or contract

  • Evaluating the structure and performance of a distributed team

  • Practicing empathy within a distributed team

  • Narrowing on best communication tools for your team