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Morgan Meredith, Release Mgr.

Morgan Meredith, Release Mgr.

Our Guest
On episode 1 of Elevatd Life, we have Morgan Meredith a Senior Release Manager at Jellyvision! This episode really dives in to how careers can take many twists and turns but at the end of the day if you keep working at your craft and constantly apply yourself you can jump and right where you want to be.

Morgan went from studying hearing science and sound acoustics to working at Yello in Chicago, IL and now leading the Release Management team at Jellyvision. She gave awesome thoughts around overcoming imposter syndrome and building up her technical skills.

Our Highlights

  • How to go from a non-traditional major (Speech Acoustics) to becoming a Release Manager for a team of 2. 

  • Ways to "zoom out" in a new role and find pain points you can work to solve, whether that's through new processes or clearer structure and expectations.

  • Where do you go after being a Release Manager? For Morgan, that's developing her programming skills to one day land in a Dev Manager role. It's all about initiative. 

  • How 'imposter syndrome' is real pain in the tech industry and ways to overcome it. 

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