S01.01 - How a rejection turned into a stunning career

On the show we had Morgan Meredith a Senior Release Manager at Jellyvision! This episode really dives in to how careers can take many twists and turns but at the end of the day if you keep working at your craft and constantly apply yourself you can jump and right where you want to be.

Morgan went from studying hearing science and sound acoustics to working at Yello in Chicago, IL and now leading the Release Management team at Jellyvision. She gave awesome thoughts around overcoming imposter syndrome and building up her technical skills.


  • Morgan path from a non-traditional background in Speech Acoustics to then becoming a Release Manager for a team of 2.

  • After getting rejected for an Associate Product Manager role she was brought in to chat about a Release Manager opening instead.

  • How Morgan took a dev team with pretty painful deployment experiences and created structure for them to push features flawlessly.

  • Morgan is focusing on developing her programming skills to better allow her to perform in her role.

  • Imposter syndrome is real in the tech industry. Getting over that.

Find Morgan:

You can find Morgans Twitter here. And her blog here

Resources we touched on:

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