S01.02 How to level up from designer to programmer to Director of Product

Episode is currently being re-edited. It will be re-uploaded soon!

On the show we had Iiro Isotalo the Director of Product Management at BetterDoctor, which was recently acquired by Quest Analytics.

Iiro has an interesting background in engineering, product design and product management. We chat about his transition from engineering to Product and touch on some important topics tooling, PM characteristics, his Product philosophy and much more. If you’re new to Product or trying to break in - this is definitely an episode for you.


  • Background on how BetterDoctor is changing the way doctor data is used

  • How his design and user mindset started at a young age

  • Iiro’s transition from Product Designer at BetterDoctor to Director of Product Management

  • Characteristics Iiro looks for when hiring PMs

  • Is a technical background really needed when apply to PM jobs?

Find Iiro:

You can find Iiro on LinkedIn here.

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